1:1 Mentoring

Starting something new can be overwhelming, and sometimes we all need help from people who have already gone through the same path. My journey to becoming a product designer and a developer was long and bumpy, but yours doesn't have to be. I want to help you with all the knowledge I acquired by working in various startups, two different countries, and clients as a freelancer.

If you want to be a product designer (or sometimes this role is called UX designer), I can help you answer your questions and guide you to the right path. The role of a designer can be pretty challenging. We need to understand the problem, write documentation, measure success, design the solution, make design systems, talk to various stakeholders, give presentations, review developer work, and do 1000 other tasks that require years of learning. You can take a shortcut, chat with me, and shave plenty of time from your journey to becoming a product designer.

Here is a list of topics that we can cover:

  • How to work in Figma

  • How to do a handoff with developers and other designers

  • How to write a design documentation

  • How to prototype designs

  • How to do a user research

  • How to find a job

  • How to make a Design System in Figma

  • ... and anything else that you need help with

After selecting your preferred time, I will contact you back with an email to agree on the details. If you are still not ready, check my youtube videos, I cover many interesting topics there.

Hope to see you soon!


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